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Band pop rock asal Texas Waterparks barusaja merilis lagu baru mereka berjudul “Royal” dengan video musik yang cukup simple. bisa kamu lihat: here

Lirik Lagu: Waterpark – Royal

Shut down the gold rush in my head
Because we’re out of work.
I’m living proof of compromise,
“Be back in 10”
With no return.
I’m sick of being in Houston.
I’m sick of everything I’ve been around enough to get used to.

I’m proof of consequences
And exhausting common sense.
And I kill what I build,
My common myth’s confidence.

I’m two-faced from your double exposure,
Stop right there, don’t come any closer.

I wish I was royal but I’m not.

You’ve painted your future,
But I’m just not in the picture.
Maybe I missed the frame,
Maybe I’m seconds late, always late.

‘Cause I work myself to death,
Don’t believe me? Ask Geoff.
And I’m doing alright
But is “alright” enough?
Because I’m living my dreams,
But I live at home.
‘Cause everything is on the down low
for now.

You won’t like what you see,
So keep your eyes off of me,
I fell in love with everything
That wants nothing to do with me.
I know that there’s no dealing with the way I’m feeling,
I’m so out of touch with everyone
And everything’s a blur to me.

Tentang Waterparks

Trio next-gen pop-punk yang berbasis di Houston, Texas, Waterparks dibentuk pada tahun 2011 dengan anggota band Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington, dan Otto Wood. Influences oleh band-band seperti Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, dan Saves The Day – band telah telah merilis (self-release) sepasang EP, Airplane Conversation pada 2012 dan Black Light 2014, sebelum tinta kesepakatan indie label Equal Visio. EP debut mereka untuk label, Cluster, dikeluarkan pada tahun 2016 dan direkam dengan bantuan Produsen Benji Madden (Good Charlotte, 5 detik Summer) dan Courtney Ballard (5 detik Summer, All Time Low).

Akhir tahun 2016, Waterparks telah merili debut studio album Waterparks dengan bertajuk “Double Dare”

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