Varials new album called ‘Pain Again’, and the band released music video for “E.D.A.”

Song lyrics; Varials “E.D.A.”

You learn a lot about darkness staring at the sun, you learn a lot about company when the love is gone. I don’t see the power, I just hear the call to greatness. But you wouldn’t understand, looking at me from the outside. This anger, it lives inside of me. You can feel it when I speak truth and even when my teeth show. No taste when it comes to acceptance, and no remorse for the ones that leave. You learn a lot about life when your friends start dying. You learn a lot about trust when you’re left so lonely, again, to no surprise. And I hate that I can see you when I look in my eyes. Alone again. Well who’d have guessed you’d do me so dirty? Well god damn, am I really so selfish? Am I so naive that I can’t see my faults, but I would point out every one of yours? Everyone dies alone, you and everyone you know.

Tracklist: Pain Gain

1 The New Damnation3:52
2 God Talk (feat. Chad Ruhlig)
3 Anything To Numb
4 E.D.A
5 Colder Brother
6 Pain Again
7 Abacus
8 Empire of Dirt (feat. Bryan Garris)
9 Deadweather II
10 Deliverance
11 To Lay In Sin