Twenty One Pilots, a band consisting of only two people (duo members), they are Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

TOP started as a local band playing at the bar or cafe. And when they performed, spectators saw an exciting show like games or behavior that does not like another band generally. So in a way the Twenty One Pilots get more attention from the audience.

They decided to wear a mask, so the audience will not focus on his face and begin performances with the accompaniment of a song being played by them. And since then, they still will often use masks to ‘take off the gaze’.


The mask is an equipment that can be used to express them. Commonly known as the ‘fake people’ to conceal identity and try to be someone else or being yourself the truth.

Similar to the way people hiding in a musical, with a mask he could express his agitation.

Twenty One Pilots is very creative. Even for song genre, they created quite confusing. Because most people think they have the musical genres of pop. But on the sidelines of their songs, rap music also added. Not only that, ukulele accompany the rhythm of the music and not infrequently they also do screamo.

So, we can call it the band’s twenty-one pilots genre:

Ukulele screamo pop electro rap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!