Setelah bermusik sejak tahun 2002, band rock Trophy Scars akhirnya mengumumkan bubar pada tanggal 7 Maret 2016. Mereka mengkonfirmasikan lewat sebuah tulisan panjang di facebook fans page.

It is with a heavy heart we at Trophy Scars address you today: we are putting the band to bed for an indefinite amount of time. But read on, as there is a silver lining to this:

We have been around for 14 years and we are extremely proud of that. Hell, that’s longer than some marriages. We all still love each other and remain close. We just want to look to the future and see what else is out there for us; new careers, new music, new lives. Trophy Scars has been able to say a lot since our 2003 LP, Darts to the Sea. It now feels as if we’ve said everything we’ve needed to at the moment.

We’d like to thank all of you for sticking with us through the years. You are all a major part of why we were able to create as much as we did. We want to thank all Trophy Scars members, past and present. We want to thank our dear friend and producer Chris Badami. Thank you to our managers, Aneel (2008-2016) and Dan (2005-2008). We also thank all of the record labels who have helped put out our music and get it to your ears. Thank you to the tour managers, merch companies, promoters, and booking agents.

Now for the good news: Trophy Scars will continue to release music on vinyl and limited edition art. Darkness, Oh Hell is almost finished and will be officially announced by the end of the month. Alphabets will see a new double vinyl remastered release in a special 10 year package by the middle of the year. Never Born, Never Dead will see a release towards the end of the year. Hopefully Hospital Music (and maybe even a very limited Darts to the Sea) early in 2017.

NEW MUSIC! Jerry (vocals) plays in Super Snake. Andy (bass) plays in The Saddest Landscape. Brian (drums) plays in All Human. Super Snake will be releasing a new full length (Leap of Love)! The Saddest Landscape just released a new full length (Darkness Forgives)! All Human will be releasing a new full length (Teenagers, You Don’t Have to Die) on March 18! John (guitar) is still producing and mixing fantastic records at Portrait Recording Studios.

Don’t forget about us!! We will never forget about you! Check back often as we announce these beautiful vinyl packages. We love all of you. Talk to you soon.

trophy scars bubar

Trophy Scars berasal dari Morristown, New Jersey, USA yang mengusung “experimental rock band with blues and psychedelic influences”.

Salah satu lagu terbaik Trophy Scars – Assistant. Assistants

Anggota band terakhir

  • Jerry Jones – vocals
  • John Ferrara – guitar, vocals
  • Brian Ferrara – drums, vocals
  • Andy Farrell – bass, vocals
  • Gray Reinhard – piano, vocals

Diskografi album

  • Darts to the Sea (Over and Out Records, 2003)
  • Hospital Music for the Aesthetics of Language (Independent, 2004)
  • Goodnight Alchemy (The Death Scene Recording Company, 2005)
  • Darts to the Sea / Sand in the Sea (AoA Records, 2006)
  • Alphabet. Alphabets. (The Death Scene Recording Company, 2006)
  • Hospital Music for the Aesthetics of Language (Reap What You Sew, 2007)
  • Bad Luck (Independent, 2009)
  • 7″ Split w/ The Saddest Landscape (Bear Records, 2009)
  • Darkness, Oh Hell (Independent, 2010)
  • Never Born, Never Dead (Independent, 2011)
  • Holy Vacants (Monotreme Records, 2014)