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Tom Delonge Documentary Video

Tom Delonge have his own way to tell us about his life with Blink 182 and everything he has done.

Ernie Ball highlights Blink 182/Angels and Airwaves guitarist and songwriter Tom DeLonge in an exclusive AT&T Original documentary.

Experience the stories behind Tom’s early influences in the San Diego skate scene to his sonic evolution from Blink 182 to Box Car Racer and Angels and Airwaves as well as his passion for film, novels, animation and constant artistic exploration.

The 90 minute documentary premiered August 19, 2016

Here the trailer, Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone – Tom Delonge.

Tome DeLonge also discusses the heavy topics.

Why Blink-182 broke up the first time in 2005 has been a long speculated topic among Blink fans. But in The Pursuit of Tone, DeLonge reveals exactly what went down.

“There’s a whole second-side of the Boxcar Racer story,” he says with a nervous laugh, referring to his side project with drummer Travis Barker.

DeLonge looks back at the decision to record and tour with Barker—unintentionally excluding Mark Hoppus—ultimately resulting in tension and anxiety between the three Blink-182 members. These destructive emotions ultimately weighed on Blink so heavily that another breakup was imminent.

“I think people were so passionate about Blink and the press starts to get weird, like there’s some rift in the band, that we’re trying to start a new band… it wasn’t any of that. It was like we painted a painting and wanted to show people the painting. Coming back after that [Boxcar Racer tour] there were insecurities and issues within the band and that started this long path of awkwardness.” DeLonge admits that making a “dumb phone call to one guy to play drums created a lot of weirdness and suspicion and conflicts.”

DeLonge doesn’t attempt to hide anything in the film and yet is very respectful of his Blink-182 bandmates, although no mention is made as to his current relationship with Hoppus or Barker.

Meanwhile, DeLonge explores what really drives him, the motivations that pushed him to leave Blink in 2005 and again in 2015; his passion for creating and pushing boundaries. The camera finds him in the recording studio, his To The Stars office, and the San Diego beach were he’s found solace since childhood.

DeLonge comes across as honest and open in the new film. He’s earnest in his quest to be more than a musician… the quest that may well just take him to the stars.