For fans of My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold and Asking Alexandria.

You have to check Secrets Kept’s song “Nightmares”

Song lyrics: Secrets Kept – Nightmares

You think I’m crazy
Well sometimes I wonder are you right
As these walls around me turn to white
Padded with all these safety nets
Carefully put in place
Just to ensure you’ll rest assured
We’ll never leave this place
Lately, I’ve been losing
Everything entangled with my dreams
They’re now nightmares
Now nightmares
My eyes are crimson like the blood in my veins
I feel it drowning out my demons as you scream my name (out loud)
Because tonight is the night
You’ll see through all my fits and nervous tucks I was right
I breathe this in
I bleed it out
On fragile wings
Of fears and doubts
Just let me sleep

Band members;

Kevin McGinn- Vocals
David Royal- Guitar
Tyler Battist- Guitar
Joseph Cavallaro- Bass
Patrick Tuohey- Keys/Vocals
Christopher Santiago-Drums


“We are a Theatrical Rock n Roll band ready to earn our place in your blackened little heart.” – Secret Kept