Canadian post-hardcore The Kindred release new song “Saint” off “Weight” EP, out July 21, 2017 via Sumerian Records. This song has more optimistic than their first single “Stray away”

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Song lyrics: THE KINDRED – Saint

Basically I’ve gotten tired
The bacchanal, I’m coming down
It’s been day after day and I’ve withered away
I will pay, maybe not today

Wait and see
The patience of a saint in me
Along with the lust of a bitch that’s in heat
I’m indulgence to a T
Faithfully, I could have been Abraham if I gave a damn
But the beast that’s in you’s just a pup to the beast that’s in me

Emptiness is hard to swallow
I’m less than kind and less inclined
Would you please stay away, I’m a walking sickness
But hold me close
‘Cause you’re the one I need the most

I’m quickly burning from the inside
But that’s not gonna change a single thing
I’m still a skin that’s begging to be flayed
So you can rip me down


  1. Overboard
  2. Stray Away
  3. Wake
  4. Oiseau
  5. Saint

About the band

The Kindred band members:

  • Johnny McArthur – Vocals
  • Matt Young – Keyboards
  • Ben Davis – Guitar
  • Steve Rennie – Guitar
  • Eric Stone – Bass
  • Kenny Saunders – Drums