We are now that modern music industry is very different than before.

The Word Alive’s Telle Smith have wrote about the band income after they released songs, he need more people to buy their music or he will be mad.

I don’t care, I have no shame… We have a couple of songs approaching 3 million streams and 1 that is a few hundred away from 4 million.

It’s true, not many people actually buy music anymore. But streaming is higher than ever. I hope that every one of our fans will buy our albums, but the reality is, it will never be like that again.

So please, jam some The Word Alive this weekend and if you feel inclined to share it with friends or even pick up some singles/albums afterwards, I wouldn’t be mad – Telle Smith


Telle Smith is vocalist of post hardcore band The Word Alive since 2009 (after Craig Mabbit departure). Also, Smith is owner Resist & Rebel clothing. The 29-years-old musician originally from Dayton Ohio.

“moved out West to California looking to chase some dreams in 2007. I found meaning to my life, love, and happiness on the West Coast.” – Telle Smith