Danny Worsnob tak mau kalah dengan mantan bandnya Asking Alexandria. Jika AA barusaja mengumumkan title untuk album Black, Danny telah memberikan judul untuk debut album solonya “The Prozac Sessions”

Vokalis kelahiran Inggris tahun 1990 ini mengumukan lewat akun Instagramnya DSnop dan menampilkan sebuah cover album DANNY WORSNOB ; THE PROZAC SESSIONS dengan visual ala country.
dsnop solo album

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, album cover A. Every piece of artwork was so perfect that I have decided to use them all, which means there will be four versions of the album, all with different visuals. I am thinking of writing a couple more songs so that each version will have a different bonus track. I’m in Nashville now to talk to labels and find a home for what I’ve created. Stay tuned for more news and updates. See you on the other side! -D”

Danny Worsnop