In November last year, Story Of The Year announced they start recording new album, and recently SOTY tease new video on their official page.

What are you doing Monday morning?

So rock!

Sounds like they are back in this year and ready to release a brand new single…

Is that means the guy finished the new album?

May 17, 2017, Record is off to mixing & in Tom Lord Alge’s capable hands! NEW ITEM UP ON OUR PLEDGE SITE: SOTY guitarist Ryan’s studio progress chart for tracking all guitars on the new record! This is basically a chart that Ryan hung in his studio / dojo / office / dude zone and used to keep track of exactly what guitars were used for each specific track for every song. It was also used as a checklist once each track was completed: main rhythm guitars, solos, clean tones, acoustics, etc”, all filled out by Ryan personally. Head to and if is you want to own this!

Stay tuned!