US punk rock band The Story So Far have released their new music video titled “Nerve”. This song is taken from their latest album “The Story So Far” (self-titled) 2015


  1. Smile
  2. Heavy Gloom
  3. Distaste
  4. Solo
  5. Mock
  6. How You Are
  7. Nerve
  8. Phantom
  9. Scowl
  10. Stalemate

Song lyrics; The Story So Far – Nerve

Hard shove feel the heavy weight
It’s the same love that I push away
It be the same thing I always debate
Why you left me here for another
These days I tend to see red
‘cause all the women swimming in my head
Are not the same ones laying in my bed
But I do my best to ignore it

But you still come up

It’s all in my head, there’s not much I can do
You set your pace, I’ll keep mine too
Each time I chase, I feel dark blue
Confuse your face for someone new

I guess I owe you for most everything
Like the way I feel and the curse you bring
You got a lot of nerve to wanna hear me sing

After you tossed us into the gutter
Mad now like I was before
‘cause somebody’s always asking who I do it for
But I don’t wanna do it for you anymore
I do my best to ignore it

Yeah I should let you go
Away from the grey that we both know
And I can’t pass through Indio
Without feeling indigo
Yeah I should let this go
But it gets so hectic on my own
You can’t be proud if I’m alone