Silverstein vocalist Shane Told has a very characteristic vocal. Not only with the band, Shane also do solo careers or side project named River Oaks. Beyond singing, the man who born in Canada February 13, 1981 has also set up a podcast called Lead Singer Syndrome (

Lead Singer Syndrome is a site dedicated to all the stories behind the stage (backstage) of musicians. Yup, a kind of talk show that we often see on television or on the radio.

What is Lead Singer Syndrome? Ask any drummer, guitar player, or bassist… even the keyboard player. But don’t ask the singer. They might throw a huge fit and quit… but first they’ll complain about their throat hurting… and they probably won’t show up to rehearsal on time. But one things for sure, whatever you say to them it won’t make them carry any equipment.

I’m Shane Told and this is my podcast. I’ve been the lead singer in a touring band for over 15 years with Silverstein. The stories and conversations I’ve shared with other lead singers on the road have been nothing short of amazing.

This podcast is dedicated to bringing those backstage discussions I’ve enjoyed for so long out of the dressing room and into your ears. I discuss all things that go into the life of a lead singer. From the studio to on the road, from the practice space to the stage, there’s always something to talk about. And nothing is off limits. Just don’t accuse anyone of being a diva, and definitely don’t use those 3 words….

xo Shane