Neckdeep band members are desperate people, they quit the job and the vocalist Ben Barlow DO from his campus.

Life’s Not Out to Get You (2015) is the second studio album from the pop-punk band from Wales, Neck Deep. This album is a successor of the previous album Wishful Thinking (2014). Assisted by Jeremy McKinnon (ADTR), Andrew Wade and Tom Denney, Life’s Not Out to Get You album only takes about 2 months, from December 2014 to January 2015.

Two singles “Can not Kick Up the Roots” and “Gold Steps” are enough to deliver this album to various Charts of the world, Life’s Not out to Get You is ranked first US Billboard Independent Albums. Nice.

Song title – Writer – Duration – Rate

  1. “Citizens of Earth” (Neck Deep, Seb Barlow) – 2:40 – ****
  2. “Threat Level Midnight” (Neck Deep, S. Barlow) – 2:46 ***
  3. “Can’t Kick Up the Roots” (Neck Deep, S. Barlow, Andrew Wade) – 2:49 *****
  4. “Kali Ma” (Neck Deep, S. Barlow, Wade, Jeremy McKinnon) – 2:50 *****
  5. “Gold Steps” (Neck Deep, Tom Denney, Wade, McKinnon) – 3:12 *****
  6. “Lime St.” (Neck Deep, S. Barlow) – 3:19 ***
  7. “Serpents” (Neck Deep, Denney, Wade, McKinnon) – 2:45 ****
  8. “The Beach Is for Lovers (Not Lonely Losers)” (Neck Deep, S. Barlow, Wade, McKinnon) – 3:04 *****
  9. “December” (Neck Deep, S. Barlow, Wade, McKinnon) – 3:39 *****
  10. “Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors” (Neck Deep, Denney, Wade, McKinnon) – 3:05 ***
  11. “I Hope This Comes Back to Haunt You” (Neck Deep, S. Barlow, Wade, McKinnon) – 2:49 ***
  12. “Rock Bottom” (Neck Deep, S. Barlow, Wade, McKinnon) – 3:20 ****

Neck Deep, the british rock band with the ‘insanely catchy’ and album Life’s Not Out To Get You is great.