Rock band Relient K have released new music video “Mountaintop”.

relient k

Matthew Thiessen (Lead vocals/Guitars/Piano) and Matthew Hoopes (Guitars/Vocals)

Fun, funny, and so very Relient K 🙂 Love it. Much like many 20-somethings who grew up in church, I love your old music to death, its a genuine part of what makes me “me”. Yet tastes change and lives do too so I love you guys no matter what your sound is like. Though, it would be neat to have a few old songs re-recorded just for kicks, to see what you guys did with ‘em.

check the video: Relient K – Mountaintop here

“Mountaintop” is the second single after “Bummin”, both taken from their new album “Air for Free”, released July 22, 2016.