Bukan sebagai US atau British Band, tapi Adept merupakan band post-hardcore dari Swedia yang telah dibentuk sejak tahun 2004. Bersama label Panic & Action, band dengan anggota Robert Ljung, Jerry Repo, Filip Brandelius, Gabriel Hellmark, dan Gustav Lithammer telah membuat 3 album studio; Another Year of Disaster in 2009 (metalcore), Death Dealers (post-hardcore) in 2011, Silence the World in 2013 (post-hardcore).


Music sounds like : Alesana, BlessTheFall, Asking Alexandria

Single terbaik diantaranya :

  • “At Least Give Me My Dreams Back, You Negligent Whore!”
  • “Sound the Alarm”
  • “Shark! Shark! Shark!”
  • “The Ivory Tower”
  • “Secrets”
  • “The Toughest Kids”
  • “Dark Clouds”

Adakah yang baru dari Adept?

Of course yes! Bulan Februari 2016, Adept telah merilis album terbaru dengan label yang baru pula Napalm Record. Album baru mereka berjudul “Sleepless” dan salah satu singlenya adalah “Carry The Weight”

Tracklist / rate

adept sleepless

1. Black Veins **** (f*** yeaaahh!!!)
2. Wounds **** (impressive)
3. Dark Clouds ***** (melodic and vocal… perfect!)
4. Carry the Weight ***** (chek video diatas)
5. Rewind the Tape ***** (so energic)
6. Down and Out **** (emo)
7. The Choirs of Absolution ** (cukup bagus)
8. Lights **** (powerful)
9. The Sickness *** (not bad)
10. Sleepless ***** (emotional plus rap)

But not without a fight. After months and months of struggling with contract dispute; where we were forced to re-recording the entire album and during the same time getting our Facebook hacked where we lost 60 000 followers we can finally show you what was intended to be released in early 2015.

This is not only a record that we are extremely proud of, it is also a showcase that how hard we as a band can work together to pursue our dreams. I am nothing less than extremely proud of my brothers in this band. It has been a year where we felt more love from our fans then ever before at a time where we almost laid the band to rest.

To hear how much people were looking forward to new album gave us the fuel to continue. And for that we are forever grateful. Here is to Sleepless; this one’s for you boys & girls.