This song is sick!

Oceano have released new song “Human Harvest” from debut album “It Revelation”, set to be relased on 19 May 19, 2017 via Sumerian Records.

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Song lyrics: Oceano – Human Harvest

Eclipsed world
We all observe
Drained of life to its core
It sustains no longer
The Ancient ones have returned to implicate a culling
A search for those to resurrect
as they succumb to slumber
They approach silent and untraced
A metaphysical transference through the brainwaves
The human harvest has commenced
Only an eligible few will be guided to evade the event
The human harvest has commenced
What has been learned?
What has been sacrificed since implications of the end?
Those who’ve done nothing
Cleansed from existence
Vanquished -imprisoned
Left to be swallowed by the void
Bodies will scatter
A floating graveyard
Witness the littered remains as reminder
of the planet you ignored
The planet you ignored
Through space and time
Through the dawn of an era
Through space and time
From a distant planet
All observe earth implode


  1. Dark Prophecy
  2. Lucid Reality
  3. Path to Extinction
  4. The Great Tribulation
  5. Illusions Unravel
  6. Majestic 12
  7. Final Form
  8. The Event
  9. Human Harvest
  10. Revelation