American hardcore punk Stick To Your Guns have announced new EP ‘Better Ash Than Dust’ and released new song “The NeverEnding Story”

stick to your guns ep

EP “Better Ash Than Dust” will be released September 23 via Pure Noise Records.

I thought Pure Noise Records would be big enough to release it overall alone

The NeverEnding Story lyric :

I Get it
You’ve got nothing left to give
The World took everything
No reason to live

Nothing but the warmth of hate to keep you safe.
Take it out on anyone who gets in your way.

Your words are sharp but they dull your mind
You’re feeling sorry for yourself to pass the time

The front is strong but your back is f***ing weak
Grabbing at anything to stay on your feet
Mind racing

The Voices saying All of this means nothing to me
I’m tired of suffering through all of everything

When did you lose your way?
When Did You Give up op on everything

Remember when you used to fight for something now hollo and alone with nothing
Just give a f*** about something mother f***er.