Newcomer band that carries rap-core / rap-rock: Sylar released a new single “Assume” via Hopeless Records.

From the beginning, break music as nu metal bands, like Linkin Park or Limp bizkit. Then with blues, rap, and began to scream as post-hardcore musical style. Of course, the song is also with clean vocals ‘catchy’, easy listening. Overall, it’s a good song!

Are you sure you do not want to check the video?¬†you’ll be regret!

Assume is a single of the new album titled “HELP!” Released August 26, 2016.

SYLAR members :

  • Jayden Panesso – Vocals – @JaydenPanesso
  • Dustin Jennings – Guitar – @Dustin610
  • Miguel Cardona – Guitar/Vocals – @MiguelCvrdona
  • Travis Hufton – Bass – @TravisHufton
  • Thomas Veroutis – Drums – @YungLungs

Origin : Newyork, 2011.