Awesome music video!

Nu Metal band from Melbourne, Australia; Ocean Grove have released new song “Ocean Grove” with banger music video.

This track 4th from their debut album ‘The Rhapsody Tapes’ out February 3rd, 2017.

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About band

We’ve spent the better half of the past year in ambivalence deciding who and where is the best stream to entrust with our music and we were very close to making decisions to the contrary. Loyalty and belief mean a lot more to OG than hypotheticals or promises. UNFD through their actions, not words, proved to us that they were the best entity for us to take our art above and beyond. We are especially excited about the creative freedom they have afforded us.” – Luke Homes, vocals.

Ocean Grove Operate On Their Own Terms.

Ocean Grove are not just another band; they are a collective. Emerging from the depths of Melbourne in 2010, Ocean Grove have progressively developed a distinguishable sound like no other. As one of the most talked about acts in the heavy music world, Ocean Grove aren’t going to buy your respect, they are going to earn it as per their binding agreement in The Rhapsody Manifesto.

Ocean Grove Create Art With No Limits.

Their previous genre-bending EP, Black Label (2015), showcased the evolution of their creativity by track listing each song in the the order of creation, with multi-faceted drummer Sam Bassal overseeing the recording, mixing and mastering process. On stage, the beast appears and their penchant for the bizarre and erratic has made Ocean Grove one of the most in demand acts on Australian Stages. One can witness the chaos unfold nationally on the Equinox tour in June.

‘The Rhapsody Tapes tracklisting

  1. What I Love About A Natural Woman
  2. Beers
  3. Thunderdome (feat. Running Running Touch)
  4. Intimate Alien
  5. The Wrong Way
  6. Slow Soap Soak
  7. These Boys Light Fires
  8. When You’re This High You Can Say What You Like
  9. Mr. Centipede
  10. From Dalight
  11. Stratosphere Love
  12. Hitachi