Maroon 5 originally brought the pop-rock music often changes the style of music in each album. And, on their new album will tend to focus on the color of R&B. This is something that has to do by the frontman Adam Levine since he was young.

This was just revealed in a radio interview – when Levine talked about the concept for the follow-up album “V” (2014) – he also said that the upcoming album will be released soon, but not before it worked better, as reported by On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

“Look since I was 20, I’ve always wanted to a make an R & B record and I will tell you it is starting to lean more and more in that direction,” said the coach of ‘The Voice’. “So, it’s gonna be, I think, our best collection of songs. As to when each of them will come out, and how, I do not know yet Because We’re still just recording them individually and probably gonna release a couple more before we put an album out, but I will say that I’ve never been more excited about the material that we have at this point. “

Levine and friends in Maroon 5 have been working on their new songs for 6 months and decided to record it along with a small group of collaborators only. If an album set for release later this year, the album will also coincided with Kelly Clarkson album that reportedly also will adopt elements of R & B 90s era and will be released in June 2017.

The last single released Maroon 5 is “Don’t Wanna Know” which sounded tropical.