Decorate the room with the expensive stuff is common. Combines paint the walls of rooms have been done almost everyone. Installing painting, photo frame that’s a very standard. But making the room into a very valuable artistic and rarely come close to matching with our own creations utilize secondhand goods that exist around us is certainly much give a sense of pride undefined.

Here are 10 junk that we can turn into a showcase for our beautiful room. Let’s do it !!



Of the various kinds of paper that are around us such as origami paper, waste paper notebooks, cardboard, paper, and paper manilla anything can create a unique assortment of ornaments.

Below are the results for ornaments of various kinds of paper can be a reference for you all:

Emoticon made of origami paper with just a draw, cut and paste to form an emoticon for a wall clock. Or more simple again find pictures on the internet and then print and cut out.

Folding the paper into a tube shape oval scars and put to cover the frame clock. Very artistic.

By folding origami paper into various shapes and stick it on the wall.

With a little variation in any old cardboard coated with colored paper can be used as a multifunctional container cute.

With cardboard or paper, HVS plain white or various colors can create a light sleeper elegant, gorgeous.

Cutting the paper and then pasting the ends to form an oval and put them together to form a wall of flowers.

clock baloon-wall dotted-wall cute-bed-room nice-stuff-book kids-stuff-creative dark butterfly-wall wall-dyno robot-wall creative-lamp creative-paper wall-flower


Of used tennis balls can be made of objects to decorate the room very pretty comical, multifunctional and unbeatable. Simply by tearing bit the middle of this former tennis ball using a cutter (as mouth clamp) and add two beads for eyes and then a nail in the wall. Used tennis balls can be used as a place to put locks on doors, tissue, ballpoint pen, a gift dolls even as mailboxes. Let’s check this out;)

tennis-ball-wall green-ball

Collect a variety of bottles and let be experiment ladies;)
Where HP is currently in charge of empty bottles of shampoo or hand body
Cute doll from used bottle of shampoo or hand body (again).
Saving shoe rack and artistic places of perfume bottles used clothing. Scissors and kayaking in picture form.
Funny pencil holder of old milk cans.

store-phone green-monster shoes-wall-creative girl-shoes pen study-desk beatiful-bootle nice-bottle unused-goods

Arranging books on the bookshelf? It is no afterthought. Create your book much more interesting and certainly, decorate a private room. Tata your books like this from now on 🙂


book piece-of-wallpaper-stuff corner-book-shelf

The photo is not just a piece of paper, photographs have meaning thousands of thousands of stories. Apply your pictures not only in figura. Tata little wall that has an element of High Art;)

photo-collection thousand-of-photo-collection love-wallpaper room-love

6. cutouts BAG JEANS
Has Jeans not Kep ake K much? Ritz .. do not waste first but UTM pants. A scissor pockets and pastes on the wall. And look at your battered jeans pockets became a pencil and a wide variety of artistic objects is not it?


Jeans has not used former and not to be thrown away just like that? Yaudahdeh .. If thrift disposed of’s okay, right? Hits .. do well !! Scissors buttons attached to their clothes and little creative unused goods as shown below. Check it out guys .
Light sleeper with decorative buttons on old clothes.

The gift can, wall hangings can be, from fasteners used clothes.

button-lamp love-button

Room light bulb you die? Hits .. Do not throw away .. see this cute puppet of the former bulb you.

Broken plate ? No problem, just a little cut, and Ula la AAAA …..

See what happens with spoons unused stuff? Taraaaaa …..

So .. you waiting for ladies? Come express your creativity, do not hesitate and do not be afraid to be different. Stuff around you looking forward to touching your art. Make your room like a princes room. Creativity without limit 😉