Yeah yeah yeah! This is what you wait…

After The Maine dropped 3 videos that show nature, they finally have released the first single this year “Bad Behavior”

New album title : “Lovely, Little, Lonely”

Release date: April 4, 2017

Song lyrics: The Maine – Bad Behavior

i never want to be a distraction
you say as
you’re unashamed and naked
i feel ok
all over
void of all composure
and i know this may sound
i like the lips you kiss with
but i want to wear your lipstick
cuz it means i got to kiss them
you say
you like the sound of cigarettes after sex
and I say,
“yeah, yeah, yeah”

one, two hits
her lips
and bad behavior
i’m in danger
three, four a.m.
the feeling’s getting stranger
i’m in danger
bad behavior

and i don’t have time for your feelings
you told me
you’re insecure but don’t be
stay soft
but don’t be gentle
it’s altogether mental
let’s go to a place where
we can forget
we haven’t left the room yet
you eloquently
that leaving’s overrated
you say
you like the sound of cigarettes after sex
and I say
“yeah, yeah, yeah”

i inhale you in small doses
and adore you like the roses
when you’re bad for me
yeah you’re bad for me
you medicate me with your poses
i’m a lush I know you notice
you’re bad for me
you’re bad for me
you’re bad for me


1. don’t come down
2. bad behavior
3. lovely
4. black butterflies and déjà vu
5. taxi
6. do you remember? (the other half of 23)
7. little
8. the sound of reverie
9. lost in nostalgia
10. i only wanna talk to you
11. lonely
12. how do you feel?