This song is unique!

Revival Recordings is proud to welcome Shatterproof to their family of artists! Alongside the announcement, Shatterproof has released a brand new song, “So Punk.”

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Song lyrics:

Oh I’m spitting out these songs, like I was made to
Yeah we write the words, but I’m still paying you.
Don’t you see rib bones, Coming out my shirt
Starving artist understatement, Yeah we put in work
Ooooh I’m not down
Ooooh I’m not out

I’m choking down these words cause I need your help
But every penny that you lend me, every second I’ve been spending leaves us broke
severe weather warnings are over my head
Ooooh I’m not down
Ooooh I’m not out
I am so sick and tired of working for no pay
all work and no play, Disgusting with no shame
I’m tired and sick haven’t eaten in days.
I don’t have any friends All I have is me
I’m spitting out these songs
like I was made to

Ooooh I’m not down
Ooooh I’m not out

I am so sick and tired of
working for no pay
all work and no play
Disgusting with no shame, no shame

About the band

Shatterproof is:

  • Branson Hoog- Lead Vocals,Acoustic Guitar
  • Jeremy Marmor – Guitar, Backup Vocals
  • Josh Schoenig – Bass, Screams
  • Benjamin Spoliansky – Drums
  • Tj Wessel – Violin, Keys

Violin based alternative rock band with pop and punk influences from Colorado, US.

Emerging from Fort Collins, Colorado, Shatterproof is an alternative rock quintet. Garnering influences from unique avenues and muses such as carnival, gypsy, and latin styles seamlessly combining them and creating well crafted, relatable rock music. Branson Hoog (vocals/guitar), Jeremy Marmor (guitar/vocals), Josh Schoenig (bass/vocals), TJ Wessel (violin/keys) and Benji Spoliansky (drums) have formed a unique and innovative powerhouse.

In 2014, Shatterproof became youngest band ever to be accepted into SpokesBUZZ. With the support of SpokesBUZZ, they recorded and released a 5-song EP “Discord Harmony,” teaming with producer Andrew Berlin at Blasting Room Studios (Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Puddle of Mudd). Throughout the following years, the band toured throughout the western united states, including the Denver stop of the Van’s Warped Tour multiple times. Shatterproof have also showcased at the South By Southwest festival, and shared the stage with a plethora of noteable acts, most recently of which being Against the Current and Switchfoot.

Following the success and positive reception of their prior releases and independently booked tours, the band returned to Blasting Room to complete sophomore EP “Paper House”. Released in January of 2016, the EP includes the latest singles, “Cookie Cutter Life” and “Karma.” Catch Shatterproof’s exhilarating live performance on tour in a city near you this summer!