Letlive rilis single kedua berjudul “Another Offensive Song”, walaupun musiknya agak berbeda dengan single pertama Letlive “Good Mourning America“, namun secara keseluruhan album terbaru mereka If I’m The Devil memiliki konteks yang kritis.

letlive another offensive song

“We can no longer be afraid – in a world where we can be shot in the back with unarmed hands up, a world where we must face ridicule if we identify or fall in love with the wrong gender and then must fight to reform mandated law in order to marry that person, or a world where we continue to let policies perpetuate the disenfranchisement of minority groups for fear of being accused of conspiracy or an ‘unrealistic and utopian liberal approach.’ People may read this and think of it as some overly righteous left leaning bullshit. That’s cool. This ain’t for you. This is a song for those that want to rid themselves of the aforementioned burdens. This is a song for those that want to be free.” letlive

Another Offensive Song memiliki musical style ala klasik metal tahun 1980-an, bisa kalian simak :