LEAV/E/ARTH new album “A PERFECT DISARRAY” is released 4/7/17, and recently the American rock band dropped new calm song “The End” music video.

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Song lyrics: LEAV/E/ARTH – The End

I’ve been thinking
about the time we had.
Did we take it for granted?
Did I take you

for granted?

If I could go back now,
do you think that it would change a thing?
And if I could tell you everything
that I should have said,
would it have meant a thing?

I’ve been missing

all the nights we spent
crying from laughter,
and the way it felt
to be complete,

never missing

any part of me.

(You’re a part of me)

I don’t blame you,
I just have to let you go.
And it’s safe to say
That maybe this is for the best,
But even then I wish I’d known.
If I could take it all back now,
would it mean a thing to you my friend?
And if maybe things were different,
would you mean it when you said
that you’d be there til the end?