Our Last Night, for the first time I heard one of their songs “Sunrise”, then I recommend to you who like post-hardcore music of alternative rock music with a little bit of emo.

Play Our Last Night on [Youtube]

In addition, another cool song of them, entitled “Same Old War” has a theme such as 30 Second To Mars sounds. [youtube]


I think it is enough 2 sample songs, now we look at the info about the band.

Our Last Night is a post-hardcore band from the United States that was founded in 2004. The band consist of Trevor Wentworth (vocals), Matthew Wentworth (guitar, vocals), Alex “Woody” Woodrow (bass) and Tim Molloy (drums).

Studio album made by them include:

  • Building Cities from Scratch (2005)
  • The Ghosts Among Us (2008)
  • We Will All Evolve (2010)
  • Age of Ignorance (2012)
  • Younger Dreams (2015)

Musical Style

If you hear some of the songs from the old album, many post-hardcore screamo style. But today, Our Last Night tends more to Alternative Rock, arguably in line with Bring Me The Horizon.

In their latest songs, they are more into melodic clean vocals with contemporary, but, still, they do not leave some scream.

Overal this band is so good, recommended to collect!