American rock band The Juliana Theory is back! The band have announced for reuniting and will celebrate their 20th anniversary this summer. Read this following statement from TJT official page.

Hello beautiful friends,
We are extremely excited to announce that The Juliana Theory is reuniting to hit the road for our 20th anniversary this summer. We never thought we would play together again, let alone tour, but the 5 of us are thrilled to make all new memories with you this summer!
The more that time has passed since we broke up, the more we’ve all realized that we cherish so many memories tied up in this band. We’ve remained close friends but the bond we share making music together is something that all 5 of us have missed.
No longer seeing your faces and hearing your voices in sing-a-longs out on the road has left a void. We’ve read all your tweets and Instagram posts and emails saying you miss us and you wanna know the truth? We miss you all just as much if not more. To know that our music still matters to people 20 years after we first got together in a tiny garage in a small town in western PA — wow, that’s genuinely humbling.
So now after all this time – to be able to share this connection and the memories tied into these songs with you is something the whole band feels beyond fortunate to be able to do again. Thank you for all the love these past 20 years and for missing us. We are happy to be back and WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!
Brett, Chad, Josh, Chip, & Josh
The Juliana Theory