Yeah, Incubus is back! the American rock band have released brand new single entitled “Nimble Bastard”, more energy than before.

This song is taken from Incubus upcoming album “8” will be released on April 21, 2017.

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It’s a long gap with Incubus latest album “If Not Now, When?” 2011, and the vocalist Brandon Boyd talked about band and new album via CoS.

For most of the time this is a really fun job, and a really fun way to go about our lives. But it is also all-consuming, and has given me pause in the sense that I’m humbled by the opportunity, I’m humbled at the amount of eyes and ears that have been on this band for a couple of decades. It also gives me pause because of the deep reflections it offers, like on some of these bigger topics, on the way that things are changing, not only in our culture, but also as we age in a culture that is obsessed with youth. You can get plastic surgery and try to remain artificially young, or you can age gracefully. It’s also a reflection on how even though we aren’t young anymore, we’re also not old yet; we’re in this interesting sweet spot. Everyone is either 40 or 41, and we’ve been a band for 26 years, so sometimes we feel old, but most of the time we still feel like kids. This band has always been a reflection of a certain dynamism for me. We want to keep moving, we want to stay … sorry to be cheesy for a moment … but, nimble.

8 Tracklisting

01. No Fun
02. Nimble Bastard
03. State of the Art
04. Glitterbomb
05. Undefeated
06. Loneliest
07. When I Became a Man
08. Familiar Faces
09. Love in a Time of Surveillance
10. Make No Sound in the Digital Forest
11. Throw Out the Map