American pop rock named flor have just released their debut album “come out. you’re hiding” (release date: May 19, 2017) also the band drop music video for the track “overbehind”.

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Song lyrics:

it’s alive
out of control
it grows wild

you can’t be scared
you can’t keep down
you’ll never learn turned back around

taking in light, you can keep it
i don’t mind, i don’t mind
keep it in sight, you can’t leave it
i don’t mind, i don’t mind
lacing its ghosts in your story
i don’t mind, i don’t mind
but you can’t live over your shoulder

it should be easy, but still i hide
i disappoint myself, but it’s alright

ooo the other side
what a dream; what a paradise
hidden far from my critical eye

in the dark it’ll all feel alright

(you’ll be taking in light)
(keep it in sight)
(lacing its ghosts in)
(you can’t live over)


  1. guarded
  2. warm blood
  3. heart
  4. where do you go
  5. back again
  6. hold on
  7. restless soul
  8. unsaid
  9. spoiled
  10. overbehind

About the band

Blending indie rock and synth pop into an atmospherically hooky sound, Flor is the project of vocalist Zachary Grace, bassist Dylan William, guitarist McKinley Kitts, and drummer Kyle Hill. The band got its start in Hood River, Oregon, when Grace began experimenting with electronic music-making programs to create ear-catching synth sounds. William built tracks around these snippets, turning them into songs that updated the sound of the ’80s for the 21st century. After moving to Los Angeles, Flor connected with photographer/designer Jade Ehlers, who helped the band come up with distinctive visuals; meanwhile, William established himself as a producer working with Flor, as well as artists like Halsey and Lostboycrow. The band released its debut single, “Heart,” online in 2014, with the Sounds EP arriving that October. Following the release of the 2015 full-length Sights & Sounds, Flor signed to Fueled by Ramen in 2016, which reissued the Sounds EP that February. The band’s first album for the label, come out. you’re hiding, was released in May 2017. Featured on the album was the single “Guarded.” ~ Heather Phares.