Formed in early 2013, post-hardcore band origin Sydney, Australia made the first step that kicked off when it released the first single “Infamita” in June 2013. They immediately set out to tour with Deez Niuts, Attila and Every Time I Die before the release of the debut album “Die Young” in September.

Combining music: aggressive, hardcore-influenced guitar work, punk rock melodicism, frenzied percussion and perform unique is shown by frontman Dre Faivre.

Recognized as the best newcomer in 2013 (Best Newcomer Award by BLUNT Mag). Band members;

  • Dre Faivre – Vocals
  • Anthony Caruso – Drums
  • Matthew Gravolin – Guitar / Vocals
  • Josh Campiao – Guitar
  • Chris Moretti – Bass,

Hellions aligned with some hardcore band from Australia, including Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, Northlane, and Hans Like Houses.

Furthermore, the cultivation of the second album “Indian Summer” produced by Shane “Buddha” Edwards. Hellions recording at Karma Sound Studios, Thailand. The album was released in 2015.

The album is quite challenging, adventurious. Not satisfied with a lot of heavy music today this time, Dre, Anthony, and Matthew chose to pull the sound that inspired them in the first place, namely the flow channel and the power of Rage Against The Machine, combined with style in the style of My Chemical Romance. Interestingly, Indian Summer maintains his composure and is described as controlled chaos. Catchy, aggressive and visually engaging.


“Indian Summer represents everything we stand for as individuals. There are parts on the record that are incredibly personal and parts that are relatable to not only the members of the band, but our fans, friends, families and well, anyone really,” kata drummer Anthony Caruso “This is the first time we have ever felt truly content with where we at musically, which is exciting and invigorating for everyone. It’s honest, confronting and true to ourselves. Hellions isn’t just a band, it’s a way of life and Indian Summer is our way of showing people who we are. It’s for everyone.”

Another Review :

“Rad band is rad.” – Rock Sound

“This album is the start of what can only be big things for Hellions. They haven’t just raised the bar, they’ve started a whole new game.” – Hysteria Magazine

“Indian Summer is one of the most exciting local releases of the last twelve months because it doesn’t just tip its hat to its influences; it takes them out for a fancy dinner and desert.” – STACK Magazine

“In amongst the regular hardcore fodder you’d expect are grand-scale moments of pomp and extravagance that work surprisingly well.” – Blunt Magazine

News :

Hellions have released new single “Quality of Life” (May 23, 2016)

Genre : Hardcore Punk