American punk-rock Hawthorne Heights have released their brand new single called “Push Me Away”

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Nice to see the band still going, was into them more less in the early days of the band, this is a pretty solid tune , still all the same band members JT and Matt are both original members. Mark has been with the band over 7 years. All are the same except for the screamer, Casey Calvert (RIP 2007).

note from the band:

In a world torn apart by negativity, we should be coming together in solidarity for each other.
There are many wonderful organizations who can provide the help you may need during dark times. Here are some that we believe in:

Domestic Violence –
Sexual Assault –
Suicide Prevention LGTBQ Youth –
Depression, Addiction, Self Injury, Suicide Prevention –

Sometimes the things you love give you HOPE. Sometimes you HATE the things you love the most. But, often times the things you love can make you HURT.

Hawthorne Heights return to form with Hurt, the long awaited third EP in their Hate/Hope/Hurt trilogy. Hurt not only shines with elements rooted in their classic sound, but also showcases a maturity and level of confidence that can only be honed after twelve years of being a band. After spending the better part of a year on the road celebrating the ten year anniversary of their debut album The Silence in Black and White, the band returned home to Ohio to begin writing for Hurt. Feeling newly inspired and clearly invigorated, what resulted was a collection of eight songs that celebrate looking back while boldly pushing forward. “Everything that ends will soon become new again.” Vocalist/Lyricist JT Woodruff says: “Sometimes the past haunts you like a ghost, but we weren’t afraid to become the ghosts of what we used to be. There is still some life and hope left in these bones, and we will continue to suck the marrow out of life.”

Genre: Hard Rock / Punk Rock

Band Members:

  • JT Woodruff – Vocals/Guitar.
  • Matt Ridenour – Bass/Vocals.
  • Mark McMillon – Guitar/Vocals.
  • Chris “Poppy” Popodak – Drums.

Hometown: Dayton, OH, USA

Record Label: None

Discography Albums

  • The Silence in Black and White (2004)
  • If Only You Were Lonely (2006)
  • Fragile Future (2008)
  • Skeletons (2010)
  • Zero (2013)
  • TBA (2017)