This is massive!

A new single by alternative rock band Harbours called “Flicker And Fade”

This song is taken from album Nothing Stays The Same [EP] (2016)

Song lyrics: Harbours – Flicker And Fade

Wake me up if you need me,
I’m sinking in monotony.
I drown myself in apathy.
They sing to me, they call out my name;
The sirens in the deep. (the deep waiting)

Flicker and fade, my mind replays.
You smothered it in atrophy.
Flicker and fade, days seep into days.
What are we worth in the first place?

Drag me down, wear me thin,
You always just replace what you’ve broken.

Give me hope,
Give me care,
Give me burdens to bare.
Twist my wrist,
Flick the switch,
Gimme a burden.

Flicker And Fade Tracklisting:

1.Is This What You Wanted? 01:59
2.Pulling Teeth 02:24
3.Take Me Under 03:08
4.Codeine Dream 01:12
5.Your Eyes 03:08
6.Nothing Stays The Same 03:55
7.Room Without A View 02:57

About the band

Harbours are an alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
With origins in the hardcore/punk scene, the band’s new material see’s them embarking in a darker, more-emotive direction; honing grunge, emo & post-rock influences.

Having supported international acts such as Neck Deep (UK), The Story So Far (US) and Silverstein (CAN), the band is now looking establish their name on larger scale and impress audiences with their unique take on modern rock music.

The band was selected as the first Triple J feature artist of 2016, followed by a performance at UNIFY Gathering alongside Aussie legends, Parkway Drive. The release of their self-produced debut EP ‘Nothing Stays The Same’ was backed-up by a sold-out tour with Funeral For A Friend (UK)