Benji Madden of Good Charlotte has shared their story about the beginning of the band.

None of us came from money grew up in a really small town, didn’t know anyone in the music business, didn’t have a hookup. In 1996 Joel and I decided that we wanted to start a band. We got really focused and it just became our dream. We read everything, we could read on the music industry and how to do it. It wasn’t social media that wasn’t the internet. Everything was done the old-school way and little by little we started making a name for itself. One thing led to another and we got a record deal.

So if you have a band or a dream of some sort no matter where you from. If you work really hard and you focus and you get up every day, it can happen where an example of the American dream.

Benji – Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte is American pop-punk band since 1996. The band has released six studio albums: Good Charlotte (2000), The Young and the Hopeless (2002), The Chronicles of Life and Death (2004), Good Morning Revival (2007), Cardiology (2010) and Youth Authority (2016), as well as two compilations: Greatest Remixes (2008) and Greatest Hits (2010).