Band art-rock Farewell, My Love melanjutkan single CRAZY dengan lagu baru berjdul “Burn Out the Night”.

Music video untuk lagu “Burn Out the Night” menampilkan dokumentasi perform mereka dengan penampilan breakneck gothic ala pop-punk.

Burn Out The Night mengisahkan tentang kehidupan palsu atau tidak bisa menjadi diri sendiri.

“Burn Out the Night is a song about seeing straight through the people that build their lives on a false persona & use others for self gain,” kata band FML “It’s also a personal reminder that no matter how many temptations there may be out there to change you into something you’re not comfortable being, to always stay true to yourself & what you believe is right. Life is too short to fake who you are in order to fit in.”

Lagu Burn Out The Night merupakan track untuk album bertajuk “Above It All” rilis 22 Juli 2016 via CRCL Records.