Yup, the tracks from album that called “Vacancy” will makes you enjoyed all the day!

Pop punk New York-based Bayside have released their music video “Mary”, cool song but the videoclip not so… whatever.

Song lyrics: Bayside – Mary

I met Mary on a moonless night
but her starry eyes could make the world look bright
She was young and perfect and full of life when she said
I’m gonna make it out one night

As time passed we both got old
From the bar she lived above she sat and wrote
by the light of blue and yellow neon signs
I’m gonna make it out one night

Go on work all your angles out
Get a plan together
Get your demons out
Mary, the world wants to bring you down
but don’t you let them

I ran into her in union square
Her starry eyes were looking dim and scared
With her cigarette providing all the light she said
I’m gonna make it out one night

It rained the night I said goodbye
When I lit her candle I never thought to cry
cause Mary you never were the staying kind
You were gonna make it out one night

There’s a moment that we chase
and we fall along the way
cause we’re not looking when we run
And if that moment never comes
save your breath
We only get so many trips around the sun
and there’s no lucky stars