Amazing song!

Swedish electronicore band Dead By April release new single “My Heart Is Crushable”, magical music!

New album will come this year: “Worlds Collide” (2017)

[sorry video deleted]

Check also DBA’s 1st single : Breaking Point

and Dead By April – Warrior (music video)


About : Dead by April.

That is the name of this uncompromising quintet. That name reflects the bands ambition to blend musical extremes to an unheard and unprecedented level.

Their fusion of soaring, catching pop melodies that reaches deep within you, almost forcing you to sing combined with their healthy dose of relentless metal riffing resulting in the unique feel of both pop and metal scene in the bands mix.

Breaking the rules and not giving a crap about the frames of any musical genre: Right from the start it has been just about focus and feeling!

Ambition, creativity and musicianship are a few keywords easily associated with Dead by April, strongly reflecting the beginning of the band. Each member severed their earlier commitments to more traditional metal acts to form a new unity:

Dead by April.

Even if most members of the band have already made names for themselves among metal enthusiasts, this pristinely new-formed entitys ambition stretches far. Very far beyond the small, dark cellars of the underground stages. Their aim is to bring their musical vision and dream to the great masses!

Band members:

  • Pontus Hjelm,
  • Marcus Rosell,
  • Christoffer Andersson,
  • Marcus Wesslén


  • Music Publisher’s Prize – ‘Rookie Of The Year 2009’
  • Bandit Rock Awards – ‘Rookie Of The Year 2009’
  • Bandit Rock Awards – ‘Album Of The Year 2010’
  • Losing You (single) – Gold Award for selling 20.000 albums in Sweden 2010
  • Mystery (single) – Gold Award for selling 10.000 units in Sweden 2012
  • Mystery (single) – Platinum Award for selling 20.000 units in Sweden 2012
  • Rockbjörn – ‘Metal Act Of The Year 2012’