Band metalcore asal Ohio, Beartooth baru saja mengumumkan bahwa mereka tidak lagi bersama drummer Brandon Mullins. Menurut mereka, hengkagnya Mullins tidak akan mempengaruhi tour yang akan dijalani oleh Caleb Shomo cs.

“We have recently parted ways with our friend, and drummer Brandon Mullins. There’s no bad blood between any of us, he’s still our brother and one of our best friends and we wish him well in whatever opportunities he chooses to move forward with in the future.

This will not have any effect on our upcoming tours and everything will move forward as planned.”

– Beartooth (Caleb, Oshie, Taylor, and Kamron.)

Apa problemnya? belum ada konfirmasi alasan keluarnya Brandon Mullins.

drummer beartooth brandon mullins

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