Another great song by Crown The Empire “Zero”

Fans have seen them multiple times live and they never disappoint. They made a live video into their official music video for the high energy song, Great move!

Song lyrics :

I’m breaking static. I’m changing my frequency
If I don’t speak out, then no one’s listening.
But I won’t live in vain

We stand on the edge wondering, if I take one step will I live, will I sink?
We’re dying for more every day so count down from ten and jump when I say

We’re breaking static, just radio frequencies
If we don’t speak out, then there’s no one listening
Is anyone listening to me?

We won’t hesitate. We won’t close our eyes. We won’t turn away
We’re taking back our lives for the first time

Zero music video directed by Elliott Ingham (Warped Tour Video). This song taken from their new album RETROGADE, released July 22, 2016

  1. Sk-68
  2. Are You Coming with Me?
  3. Zero
  4. Aftermath
  5. Hologram
  6. The Fear Is Real
  7. Lucky Us
  8. Weight of the World
  9. Signs of Life
  10. Oxygen
  11. Kaleidoscope

crown the empire zero

Crown the Empire fuse electronic ambience with metal catharsis, creating a moody and dramatic sound that sets the Dallas, Texas band apart from its contemporaries. Band members: Andy Leo, David Escamilla, Brandon Hoover, Hayden Tree, Austin Duncan, and Brent Taddle.