This song is recommended for you when you need a sad song.

Here from the pop punk band With Confidence with their most saddest song ever titled “Long Night” off  album ‘Better Weather’ 2016.

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‘Long Night’ is all about a relationship coming to an end, because of what seems to be a drunken kiss, and Jayden wants to continue the relationship, and therefore begins to reflect on it all in attempt to make the other person understand. The song is all about regret and reconsideration.

Song lyrics: With Confidence – Long Night

Won’t you turn around and please look at me,
For everything we are, everything we’ve been?
I promise I’ll be good if you stay with me.
But everything we are it just went away,
With a slight of a tongue and a sour taste,
I cannot recall I can’t explain.

But I remember the nights when’d you lie with me,
When we’d talk and we’d touch and fall asleep
I’d wake up in your arms and I’d feel at ease.
It’s gonna be a long night.

But now it’s just me and I lie awake
And I toss and turn and see your face
When I wake from a dream it won’t go away

I still have your shirt in my dresser draw, the one with the stripes that you liked in store.
But everything has changed, I wanted more
Oh how it’s raining, oh how the water falls
Into the safe things we tried to set in stone
I can’t replace you, I can’t escape you now