Band indie asal Glasgow, Scotlandia, Chvrches (dibaca : churches) mengajak Hayley Williams (vokalis Paramore) berduet dalam sebuah lagu berjudul “Bury It”.

chvrches william paramore bury it

Lagu ini dibuat atas keinginan William yang ngotot minta duet sama Chvrches.

“It’s been the coolest getting to know Chvrches after having been a fan of the band for a while. When they came to Nashville last year and we talked about hanging at their show, on the inside I was like, ‘Please please ask me to sing with you,'” kata Hayley “Ha! I did end up getting to go on stage and sing with them and I even got to sing a verse to my favourite song off their new album. I feel like Lauren and I really worked well together on the song, vocally… I was surprised how natural it felt!” (via APTV)

Tentu, Chvrches tidak menolak ajakan Hayley. Lauren Mayberry mengungkapkan juga mereka adalah fans dari Paramore, selain itu ia mengagumi suara dan penulisan Hayley.

“We are all big fans of Paramore—musically, and in terms of the ethos of the band and the way they connect with their fanbase—but I also hugely admire Hayley as a vocalist and lyricist. It always feels like she puts so much of herself into her music and that’s something we aspire to as well,” kata Lauren “Hayley is such a unique voice and having her be a part of something CHVRCHES wrote is incredibly exciting.”

Hayley mulai bergabung dan menggarap lagu Bury It bersama Chvrches setelah beberapa kali bertemu saat Parahoy! cruise.

Chvrches beranggotakan Lain Cook, Martin Doherty, dan female singer Lauren Mayberry. Dibentuk sejak tahun 2011, mereka telah merilis 2 album studio, The Bones of What You Believe (2013) dan Every Open Eye (2015). Sementera lagu baru “Bury It” akan dimasukkan dalam album Every Open Eye (versi baru).