Hello there, these lists below: Top 10 Metal Songs (with any sub genre) are recommended for you! Check these songs that were uploaded in early this week (August 1-7, 2017)

1. Wage War – Witness, Taken from the new album ‘Deadweight’ available now.

2. All That Remains – The Thunder Rolls off album “Madness”

3. PARADISE LOST – Blood And Chaos (MEDUSA)

4. Trivium – The Sin And The Sentence (new album coming soon)

5. Pentakill: Mortal Reminder  (League of Legends Music)

6. Cursed Earth – Discarded (Cycles of Grief Volume I: Growth is out now)

7. KADAVAR – Die Baby Die (new album ROUGH TIMES)

8. Garbage – No Horses (single)

9. EXIT EDEN – Incomplete (Backstreet Boys Cover)

10. HAEMORRHAGE –  Nauseating Employments (‘We Are The Gore’ is due out October 6th)