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“Familiar Ground” by Exit. Debut album out February 3, 2017.

Exit is a Finnish gospel group with a pop/rock style whose output spans decades and whose popularity peaked in the late 2000s, around the time of the band’s 20th anniversary. Founded in 1987 the band is led by vocalist Pekka Simojoki (born January 5, 1958, in Kemi, Finland). Other bandmembers include Timo Luoto, Matti Puttonen, Timo Jouppi, Jari Levy, Jarkko Jouppi, Make Perttilä, Juha Merikallio, and Juha Lehtimäki. The band made its full-length debut in 1989 with its eponymous album. Subsequently, the band released a new album every couple years or so, among them Kello Käy (1990), Paljain Jaloin (1992), and Tänne Saakka On Tultu (1994). In 2007, the year of the band’s 20th anniversary, Exit had great success with their 11th album to date, Sateen Kohinaa, a Top Ten hit on the Finnish albums chart. The follow-up album Tienviittoja (2008), a live CD/DVD released in commemoration of the band’s anniversary, was an even greater success, reaching the Top Five. [Credit: Jason Birchmeier]