A new cool pop punk song!

A band named Captain, We’re Sinking just released new single “Water”. This song is taken from their album “The King of No Man”, release date: June 23, 2017 via Run For Cover Records.

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Song lyrics:

Old scars lie open and permanence is fleeting
and tongues tasted water
you stood there breathing
subtle are our ways say books published on our natures
simple decisions to be made now and paid for later
so we grow apart
friends become strangers
strangers get old
fall apart
getting older
it’s not real mature to exaggerate
rings cast shadows and permanence is fleeting
your tongue tasted water you were breathing out and breathing in
so we grow apart
friends become strangers
strangers get old
fall apart
getting older
what strangers your friends are



1. Trying Year
2. Books
3. Don’t Show Bill
4. Cannonless
5. Smash 2
6. The Future Is Cancelled Pt. II
7. Hunting Trip
8. Water
9. Crow (Little Wounds)
10. Dance of Joy
11. The King of No Man


About the band

Captain, We’re Sinking have always had a story to tell. For the decade they’ve been a band, their songs have always confronted life’s hardships in a way that feels lived-in and authentic. On The King of No Man, the band presents their best work to date – a punk album that is resilient in every sense of the word. Right from the start of “Trying Year,” The King of No Man confronts life’s seemingly constant defeats, and throughout navigates themes of desperation, debt, and death. The musical arrangements are just as complex as the issues challenged in the lyrics: the huge sing-a-long choruses of “Books” and “Water” are placed side by side with the manic discord of tracks like “Don’t Show Bill” and “The Future Is Cancelled Part 2.” In spite of the different moods expressed, the songs on The King of No Man come together like a hallmark record for Captain, We’re Sinking. It is an album made for trying times, which might be why the lyrics feel so vital right now: “It’s the end of days…but we’re all okay.” Well said.