Beautiful song!

American pop punk Can’t Swim have released new video for their new single “We Won’t Sleep”. This song is taken from their upcoming album “Fail You Again” will be released on March 10, 2017.

We welcome Andrea to the family as our new drummer. Danny now plays guitar in the band and Can’t Swim finally feels complete as a 5 piece. We thank you for the support, and cant wait for y’all to hear this new record. – Can’t Swim

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Song lyrics: Can’t Swim – We Won’t Sleep

Take everything that you own
Throw it into the fire
The rates will inherit what’s left
They’ll decorate and remodel
These rooms that were once
Where we rested our heads
Have crumbled and crashed to the ground

We won’t sleep till the lights burn out
Just stay
(I won’t give up I won’t fall)
We won’t leave till the roof caves in
Just stay

Knocked off the king from his throne
Called a cheat and a liar
It’s true but I’m much better dressed
Fashioned pain from another
These beds that were once
Where we nurtured our young
Have broken and bent from the love

So the time will come
Where you ask yourself “what have I done?”
There’s a place in hell for your friends
We are all doomed

(we won’t give up we won’t fall)

Directed by Marlon Brandope

Producer: Michael Higgs
Associate Producer: Adam Carbone
DP: David Sikora
1st AC: Steve Levin
Gaffer: Tyler Wasson
Key Grip: Brandon LaFleur
Grip: Justin McHugh
Editor/Colorist: Michael Higgs

About the band:

Can’t Swim is rock band from Keansburg, New Jersey, US formed in 2015. The band consist of 5 members:

  • Vocals & Guitar: Chris LoPorto
  • Guitar: Mike Sanchez
  • Bass: Greg McDevitt
  • Guitar: Danny Rico
  • Drums: Andrea Morgan