Alternative rock fans must have been very familiar with paramore? It is not like that?

paramore top 10 song

Yup, the band with the vocalist a beautiful girl named Hayley Williams was formed in 2004, and until the next 10 years has released four albums.

If you ask, which the most good album, I guess, all albums have good quality.

Overall, from the first album All We Know Is Falling in 2005, Riot! 2007, Brand New Eyes, 2009, and Paramore (self-titled) in 2013 I have selected Top 10 best Paramore songs until 2016.

10. Ain’t It Fun, 2013

Somewhat unique. A music video was also nice

9. Turn it Off, 2009

Beginning with the sound of drums and guitars, quite slow, and at the end again with a guitar melody

8. Crush Crush Crush, 2005

This song is the most rock song!

7. Brick By Boring Brick, 2009

The song is quite hard …

6. All We Know, 2005

The first song Paramore, a successful debut

5. Misery Business, 2007


4. Ignorance, 2009

So really Rock!!

3. Still into You, 2013

you can sing ; “Still, in…… u”, very nice variety of music.

2. Careful, 2009

Awesome song…..

1. Decode, 2006

This song is best known by the entire world, as well as the best of movie soundtracks (Twilight, 2008), the song Decode very much interested for brothers and sisters in the whole world. I choose this song became no.1 of the Top 10 best of paramore songs since 12 years standing.