Beartooth, hardcore band from United States which fronted by ex-Attack Attack Caleb Shomo just released their latest single, Aggressive. This is a single from the same name album “Aggressive”. This album to be released on June 3, 2016.

This song is very aggressive! Caleb Shomo has an energic scream just like his previous song like I Have Problem and some songs in “Disgusting” album used Fry Scream. In this song Shomo’s voice changed almost like Danny Worsnop, he used the Growl technique at the beginning of the song.

Beartooth’s second album details

Tracklist : Aggressive 2016

01. “Aggressive”
02. “Hated”
03. “Loser”
04. “Fair Weather Friend”
05. “Burnout”
06. “Sick of Me”
07. “Censored”
08. “Always Dead”
09. “However You Want It Said”
10. “Find a Way”
11. “Rock Is Dead”
12. “King of Anything”