Sometimes a great song that we heard on our ipod, maybe it’s a little difference sound when we watch it live. There are some not bad songs, but when in live performance, the song just so cool and unforgettable!

asking alexandria live song

So, here’s the top 10 best songs of Asking Alexandria Live Performance

1. The Black

very nice to open the concert

2. Run Free

Gotta be honest, I’m not much for scene music, but I really really like Run Free. It’s more deathcore-y, and I hope more of your stuff goes in that direction

3. Not The American Average

What a cool breakdown!

4. When Everyday’s the Weekend

Always gets us in the spirit to get you in the weekend mood. Because we love to party!

5. A Prophecy

I guess that’s what the ‘music’ in sky sounds like – what trash

6. Closure

Asking Alexandria has turned rock on the range into their music video. That’s so epic!

7. Breathless

This song makes people jizz everywhere

8. To The Stage

Awesome intro, so dramatic ending! “I’m so sorry….”

9. I Won’t Give In

Just listen the djent, and you will figured out how great Asking Alexandria at live performance when play this song.

10. Final Episode

Asking Alexandria never forget to give you this: Final Episode in the final shows.