A good new pop punk song is here…

We are extremely excited and proud of this new track! Check out our new song “Old Stories” – Alta View

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Song lyrics:

Why do I do this
Pretending I still care
Knowing there’s so much I’d rather do
Why did I come here
Cause it’s the only way I’ll talk to you

Maybe you’re wasted
Saying I changed and
How everyone’s forgotten too
Is that how you’ll frame me
Another picture in a crowded room

Call it off, you never did
A backbone when you were patient
I’m lost, all over this
Can’t help it, I can’t take it
And I, don’t wanna be missed
Don’t wanna be missed no more
Don’t wanna be missed
Cause I can’t take it all

Feel like I’m tossing
Rocks at your window
I can see a shadow in the room
You turn the lights low
So I know your hiding like you always do

You should be something
Something to someone
Instead of being all alone
So good to know that
When I come back home
I won’t be missed by you

You said don’t go
I think you’ll be gone forever
And don’t you dare think that I’ll miss you
Don’t say you care
Cause the way you left just left me a mess
Yeah the way you left just left me a mess