This is what we wait… Right! As It Is announces their new album titled “Okay”. It will be released on January 20, 2017.

Song lyrics : As It Is – Okay

I don’t know if I’ve been worse
I don’t know if I can change
But right now, I don’t think that I’m okay

I felt a year’s worth of hurt and sadness catching up with me
The sky I painted to silence the pain, it is bleeding into grey

In unfamiliar, somber surroundings, confessing all of me
A perfect stranger, she puts pen to paper, consoling in her sleep
And how foreign it felt when I opened my mouth and heard the truth come out
I’ve been running away, a tired respite from pain
My only novocaine

So keep your It’ll get better’s and I’ll keep my I’ll be just fine’s
I’ll show you flashes of colors and hide behind bouquets of lies

Track List:

1. Pretty Little Distance
2. Okay
3. Hey Rachel
4. Patchwork Love
5. Curtains Close
6. No Way Out
7. Soap
8. Austen
9. Until I Return
10. The Coast Is Where Home Is
11. Still Remembering