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Anarbor released a new song “Freaking Out” from their new album “Anarbor” which will be released on July 29, 2016.

Tracklist: Anarbor self-titled

1. Freaking Out
2. Dopamine
3. Can’t Help It
4. Josie
5. Paint This Town
6. Through the Night
7. Already Dead
8. Who Cares?
9. If You Sing
10. Pushaway


Anarbor is a rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, US which was formed in 2003.


  • Lead vocalist and bassist: Slade Echeverria,
  • guitarist: Adam Juwig, and
  • drummer: Greg Garrity.

    In April 2008, they signed a contract with Hopeless Records when they were in high school in Arizona. Anarbor has released 4 EPs and two Studio Albums: The Words You Do not Swallow (2010) and Burnout (2013).